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Content Management System

We offer professional service and support for a wide variety of CMS Coding, Support, & Services. Our most common CMS services include converting an existing static website into CMS realm, customizing an existing CMS theme, custom CMS wesite design and development from scratch, and CMS based SEO.

What is Content Management System (CMS) ?

A static website is built by a web designer using html and css code. Once the website is hosted, you will need to get a web designer to make any changes or updates for you and they will go into the website code and do the changes. In other words, you will be unable to make changes to your site unless you have knowledge of code. On the other hand, websites employing CMS empower users of the site to manage their own content by logging into an administration area. A content management system makes use of a database to store the site’s content separate from the design and uses server side script to allow the user access and manage the information on the database. The most evident benefit of a CMS website is that you will be able to log into the admin area and make changes to the content of your site whenever you want without the help of a web designer. Therefore, in the long run, it is cheaper because you won’t be paying a web designer for your updates. There are many aspects to consider when you are thinking of having a website designed or redesigned based on static HTML or content management systems (CMS). CMS driven websites have the following advantages:

  • Content is becoming increasingly important in maintaining search engine visibility. Knowing how visitors get to your website through statistical analysis and then adapting content to optimise search engine visibility is an ongoing task that needs to be monitored to achieve full effect. With content management systems changes to text can be made quickly
  • Static HTML pages contain a mixture of content and code, so therefore require more knowledge and care when updating. For this reason, static pages are more expensive to maintain as they require on-going IT involvement
  • Often static pages are maintained by web design companies that require the new content delivered to them either via email or disk. Once the new content has been added modifications may be needed to further refine the content. This of course, requires further interaction between the company and the web designers and can prove to be a time consuming exercise
  • As your static website grows it becomes harder to keep track of changes to pages and page navigation and errors can occur with missing links that deter site visitors. Content management systems construct the navigation only based upon pages that exist, therefore the navigation is maintained automatically
  • To provide alternative content from a static HTML website often means duplicating pages. With content management systems this can be achieved automatically as all content is held separate from the design
  • Eventually, your website will require an updated look. Content management systems allow for quicker theme changes because the design is fed from a template system

Why Choose Us ?

If you need a new CMS website or already own a CMS website that needs a redesign, custom theme, or additional development; our design and development team can start from a blank canvas or choose an off the shelf theme to create a custom CMS powered sales and marketing machine for less than you might think.  CMS is powerful yet nimble and can help your business to automate and process your new and critical information faster than traditional website design, and we can help you set up in quickest possible time frame. For an affordable alternative to the higher priced boutique web design companies; contact Cloud Automation Technologies to get started with CMS and to learn how we can leverage our experience working with CMS to save your business time and money.  We offer professional CMS services that will help you finally launch your website as soon as possible with all the powers of CMS available at your disposal. With dedicated Web Design and Development staff, with many years of CMS experience under their belt, we guarantee project completion on time and on budget.

What we do ?

  • Design and develop custom CMS template designs from scratch
  • Develop CMS templates from image/PSD
  • Upgrade static websites to CMS realm
  • Extensive knowledge of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla CMS frameworks
  • Provide easy workflow management
  • Provide comprehensive SEO services
  • Provide data migration services
  • Provide proven and stirdy Design, Development, Deployment and Stabilization
  • Provide Maintenance and support
  • Provide Continuous improvements and upgrades
  • Deliver Endless Perfection …