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Multimedia Software

We provide design, development, integration, customization and quality assurance services for Multimedia Stack and Complete Multimedia solutions.

Our Multimedia Development services brings exceptional ingenuity and experience to its customers, with more than a decade of experience in developing and deploying multimedia solutions worldwide.

What is Multimedia Software ?

An ever increasing amount of businesses are driver through Multimedia technologies, with features like video conferencing, multimedia presentations, video guides, animated & interactive promotions, and digital signage. These multimedia contents need to be played flawlessly on a wider range of platform than ever before, ranging from Personal-Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Mobiles, Smart-TVs and Set Top Boxes.

On every platform, the underlying rendering architecture governs the design of software stack to be implemented. With an increasing number of platforms and concerns for compatibility and flawless operation, Multimedia Software development is taking a center stage in software development cycles. It is a necessity to design and develop comprehensive and fool proof Multimedia Rendering Stack for any modern platform to succeed.

Frequently, the expectations of the end user are not met by packaged, mass-produced multimedia software that is provided in most platform packaged deals. These Multimedia applications tend not to address the specific concerns of internal systems, desired by the end-user, but only provide the commonly used features required by the masses. Most business systems tend to need tailored multimedia applications and solutions, ranging from the integration of changes to an existing solution, or entire applications or solutions that are conceived, drafted and implemented from scratch.

Some multimedia solutions requires either limited or extensive interactivity with their users, which require extremely reliable and intricate interactive relationship with underlying core features. These interactions are usually extremely customized and require in-depth knowledge of underlying multimedia rendering engines to work as per user expectations.

A typical Multimedia Software stack comprises of following components

  • Graphics rendering hardware components which are usually in form of dedicated video and graphics processing cards and chipsets
  • Graphics rendering software and driver components which are usually bundled and packaged software libraries intended for development use
  • Graphics engine components which are platform dependent rendering libraries integrated with driver suite to provide higher level graphics manipulation
  • Multimedia Application software designed and developed to clients specifications
  • Graphical User Interface components which are responsible for handling interactivity with user
  • Custom User Interface Hardware components compromising of hardware navigation buttons, IR remote controls, game controllers and various solution specific control inputs

Why Choose Us ?

Cloud Automation Technologies’s  Multimedia Development Division has been delivering tailor made multimedia software for a wide variety of clients worldwide. We have been involved in development and deployment of over five dozen multimedia products, half a dozen digital signage solutions, and a few broadcasting solutions across the world, with resounding success. With 100% repeat client rate, its obvious that our solutions have met and often surpassed the expectations of our clients.

We know everything there is to know about multimedia development on the widest possible array of platform, and achieve desired objectives by delivering complete solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of the client. We cater not only to businesses, but also to individual customers. Our wide array of experience makes certain that our technologists know how to deliver big software cycles that are extremely complex to our end users.

What we do ?

  • In depth experience of Multimedia stack on Windows, Linux, Mac, Embedded and various Mobile platforms
  • In depth working knowledge of wide variety of rendering proprietory and open source libraries
  • Design and Development of design specific Multimedia Applications, Solutions and all related software components
  • Test and Deploy solution and its integration with underlying core functionality
  • Fix, Maintain and Update all Multimedia Stack components based on requirements
  • Deliver efficient and cost effective development, deployment, and maintenance services
  • Ensure exceptional reliability of user-interface, inputs, outputs and all of their components
  • Deliver Endless Perfection …

Our Specialties

  • Windows
    • Device Driver for Slot-in and Usb input and output Audio/Video hardware
    • DirectShow filters for hardware and software encoding, decoding, and rendering
    • DirectX and Direct3D components, modules and applications
    • WMSDK, PSDK and other tools and component for software integration
    • C# and ASP.Net based server and hosting modules
    • Customizied and Tailor made Video hosting and Server software components & solutions
  • Linux & Embedded
    • Device Driver for Slot-in and USB input and output Audio/Video hardware
    • Ffmpeg and GStreamer  modules, codecs, and rendering subroutines
    • DirectFB and QT components and various similar libraries and tools
    • Underlying Kernel and Linux scripting component manipulation
    • Linux Application level components, tools and 3rd party libraries
    • Apache, Tomcat and PHP based server and hosting modules
    • Customisied and Tailor made Video hosting and Server software components & solutions