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Automation & Security

We provide custom design, development, and installation services for Home & Workplace Automation and Security solutions.

Our Automation & Security development solutions provide clients with peace of mind, with ease.

What is Home & Workplace Automation Solution ?

Home & Workplace automation provides occupants with remote finger-tip access to entire installed equipment. Typically the solution provides centralized control of electrical equipment compromises of lights, fans, heating, cooling, appliances, security locks, and multimedia appliances to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency, security and above all peace of mind. User can also configure different themes for different occasions, and schedule different behavior of equipment to manage necessity as well as aesthetics.

What is Home & Workplace Security Solution ?

Home & Workplace security is becoming an essential requirement for those who want to leave their worries aside after hours. It ensures that once the house or workplace is locked, any breach in entrances, windows, showcases, or vaults is reported to the owner automatically, so proper action can be taken without any loss of valuables. It ensure that the occupant have peace of mind in their activities after hours or on vacations.

Why Choose Us ?

As evident from our corporate nomenclature, we have been geared to deliver an unprecedented and unmatched services in automation and security. With already established divisions in Software Development, Mobile Development, Web Services & Cloud Solutions, Multimedia Development, and Embedded Hardware & Software Development, our Automation Division has no trouble encompassing the vast resources and expertise to bring our clients the most illustrious, elaborate and practical automation ans security solutions.

With advent of wireless automation frameworks, it is now possible to design, develop, and install a tailor made automation solution in the shortest possible time frame. With help from existing off the shelf hardware and software components, we are ready to bring unmatched automation and security features to your doorstep.

What we do ?

  • Design and Development of tailor made Automation Solutions
  • Install, Deploy and Test solution and its integration with existing electrical components
  • Fix, Maintain and Update of all components based on requirements
  • Deliver efficient and cost effective development, installation, and maintenance services
  • Ensure exceptional reliability and aesthetics of user-interface, inputs, outputs and all of their components
  • Deliver Endless Perfection …

Our Specialties

  • Wireless Z-Wave hardware and software components
  • Embedded automation hardware design and development
  • Automation software development experience and comittment
  • Web Services and Cloud Solution development, deployment and maintenance
  • PC, Tablet, Mobile, and Web user interface modules for deployed Cloud solution
  • Installation and Deployment based on client specifications