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Anything & Everything

We provide extremely proficient, professional, and cost effective development services for widest range of software platforms. Our software development infrastructure is geared to suite all small, medium and large corporate projects.

Why go for Tailor Made Software ?

Software Development is prerequisite for businesses who want to attain maximum efficiency with least possible hardware and manpower. This can only be delivered by software that have been tailor made for their specific requirements, with understanding and implementation exact parameters which will make your business reduce cost, increase efficiency and diversify clientele.

Frequently, the expectations of individuals or corporation are not met by packaged, mass-produced software that is provided in most technology solutions and packaged deals. These software tend not to address the concerns of specific requirement, and rather address generic and general purpose usage. Most business systems tend to need custom tailored solutions, ranging from the integration of existing software with small changes, or entire solutions that are drafted, manufactured and implemented from scratch.

For innovative and novel businesses, custom and unique requirements often enforce a desire to build a customized software solution from scratch. For times when the requirements are so unique that none of the pre-existing code libraries meet the criterion, entire frameworks have to be written from scratch.

In troubling times, its often best to outsource the software development to those who know it best.

Why Choose Us ?

At Cloud Automation Technologies, we offer a wide variety of Software Development services that provide our clients with the state-of-the-art tools they need to address their greatest challenges and enhance their most important business operations. Our broad portfolio and strong background in the development of technology solutions enables us to effectively custom-design any type of business application for the widest range of platforms.

All software we create is generated using lightweight and concise code that is powerful yet efficient. This allows us to optimize performance and reliability, while ensuring ease of installation, use, and maintenance. Stringent quality control measures ensure that each solution delivers optimized performance and maximum reliability. Our proven process includes a simulated run of the software within the client’s environment, so that any functional problem can be corrected before it goes into production.

Solutions that are difficult to operate can negatively impact user adoption and hinder productivity. That’s why we keep end user simplicity in mind at all times, developing highly intuitive user interfaces that provide the most convenient experience possible. Users can easily access and utilize any application and its functions, without the need for in-depth technical knowledge or extensive training.

We offer complete, end-to-end modeling of architectures and application frameworks that simplify development and accelerate the delivery of robust, flexible, and extendable Desktop, Mobile, Embedded, Web and Cloud Solutions.

What we do ?

  • Provide real returns on investment through rigorous teamwork and determination
  • Follow tightly knit procedures of Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment & Maintenance
  • Provide consultancy and assistance in decision making, every step of the way
  • Never compromise on Quality
  • Provide unprecedented value for development investment
  • Scalable software development to encompass the needs of small, medium and large-scale deployment
  • Reliable and quick development progress
  • Experienced in development and deployment of wide variety of software solutions, worldwide
  • Cost effective development operations and workforce
  • Proficient in large variety of operating systems and development tools and technologies
  • Deliver Endless Perfection …

Our Specialties

  • Development experience in multiple platforms; i.e. Windows, Linux, Mac, Tablets, Mobiles, SOC, STB, Embedded …
  • Development experience with all stages of code stack level
    • Boot Loaders, Kernels and Driver-Modules
    • Applications and Graphical-User-Interfaces
    • Websites, Web services and Web-Interfaces
    • Dedicated-Servers, Client-Server-Models, Solution-as-a-Service, and Cloud-Solutions
    • Cross-Platform-Solutions
  • Development experience with widest variety of Custom Software Solutions
    • PC Software: Front end applications, back end services and eveything in between
    • Embedded: Requirement specific applications, complete firmware solutions and everything related
    • Handheld: Story boarding, app development and deployment
    • Web: Simple web pages, CMS sites, servers, Cloud Solutions and beyond
    • Servers: Data processing to Telecommunications, and whole lot more
  • Complete software cycle conformance and reporting