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Windows Mobile Phones & Tablets

Windows; a name synonymous with the earliest mobile app development memories, has evolved. Windows Mobile is now Windows Phone and has opened up new vistas for Windows Phone apps development. A state-of-the-art operating system, the tried and tested Windows Phone 7 and the soon-to-be-launched Windows Phone 8 are proving to be benchmark platforms for mobile application development. The multi-touch multi-tasking Windows Phone 8 offers cutting-edge metro-style apps and sensitive touch flow and will be the heart that makes every Windows phone and tablet comes alive in the very near future. This has spurred a race among Windows Phone developers to be abreast of the latest in mobile application development technologies. With an easy-to-use, familiar and intuitive interface, Windows Phone is a leading choice that caters to the technical and non-technical audience.


  • Dedicated pool of Windows Phone developers
  • Cutting-edge expertise in Windows Phone application development using technologies such as XNA, Silverlight and .NET Compact Framework 4, J2ME, C, C++, SQL Server, and Visual Studio
  • Hands-on proficiency in Windows Mobile 2003, Windows CE, Pocket PC 2003, and Windows Mobile 6.0
  • Considerable experience in Windows Phone 7 apps development, Windows Phone 7 Adobe Flash or Silverlight development, and .NET Compact Framework development
  • Porting of applications from desktops to Windows Phone 7
  • Committed team of developers primed to leverage the Windows Phone 8 operating system for the development of innovative and path-breaking apps
  • Serviced clientele from varied industry verticals such as retail, healthcare, entertainment, education, weather, multimedia, etc
  • Provided Windows Phone development services to industries of all scales

Cloud Automation is a Windows Phone application development company in Singapore We have realized the dormant potential that the Windows Phone OS possesses and are primed to use it to our advantage. Harnessing the unmatched features that this platform provides, we are committed to providing your business with the edge that will set you ahead of your competition. The demand for Windows Phone applications shows a steep upward trend as the Windows Phone Marketplace now hosts thousands of interactive apps. Custom Windows Phone application development has always been a niche skill-set at Cloud Automation and we have consistently excelled at translating dynamic client requirements into finished products par excellence.


  • Ease-of-use due to its cutting-edge features
  • Enhanced flexibility during development
  • Augmented security features
  • Rapid app development
  • Intuitive UI that is easy to understand
  • Multi-tasking features that efficiently utilize system and external memory
  • Microsoft Office compatibility

Cloud Automation provides end-to-end Windows Phone development services to client all over the world and has earned their credibility and trust. Our Windows Phone developers are known for their high levels of expertise on the Windows Phone platform.


  • Network applications and expense tracking applications
  • Database integration and data synchronization
  • GPS integration and other standalone software
  • Games and entertainment apps development
  • Business and branding application development
  • Business promotion and marketing application development
  • Cloud applications
  • Customized mobile app development
  • Social networking and multimedia apps development

Choose Cloud Automation as your technology partner, because with us you will never lose pace with the future of Windows Mobile Phone technologies!