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Smart TV

Take advantage of the big TV screen and new Smart TV platforms to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience for the digital living room.

Recently, the convergence between broadcast television and online media streaming gave rise to Smart TV. Essentially, Smart TV is television with internet features and support for third-party apps. TV applications make it possible to view a range of additional content, on top of what is being streamed live. Furthermore, these apps provide endless possibilities for interacting and customizing multimedia content.

There are two approaches to building a new custom Smart TV application. Similar to the case of mobile applications, one can develop a native SmartTV app or create a TV-optimized website. TV Applications are distributed through specialized app stores, and can be purchased or downloaded for free directly from your home television set, via an Internet connection.

Cloud Automation’s Smart Apps Services

Cloud Automations offers complete Smart TV application development services, both back-end and front-end, including all necessary planning, development, deployment, and integration.

  • Google TV application development
  • Yahoo! Connected TV Platform apps
  • Development for Smart TV by Samsung
  • Working with LG Smart TV SDK
  • Apple TV Apps Development
  • Video-on-Demand (VoD) network design
  • Development based on Opera Devices SDK

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