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When we think of a Smartphone, the Apple iPhone immediately comes to mind. The iPhone has been dominating the Smartphone world with its amazing and very intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Along with the iPhone device comes a multitude of apps, both paid and free, available at the App Store.

Not too long ago, Apple has become the leader in iPhone applications development after launching its iOS5 Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows for multifunctional and multitasking capabilities and improved performance. Because of that, us here at Cloud Automations have stepped up our game when it comes to iPhone apps development technology. Using Apple’s iOS SDK, our iPhone app developers have produced brilliant applications for many organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and many others all around the world.

Because of the iPhone’s high market penetration in mobile phones, many businesses started to get their own apps built to reach more customers.

Our iPhone app development team has a lot of expertise when it comes to building iPhone app. We’ve produced numerous apps that have passed through Apple’s high standards and have been successfully launched in the Apple App Store. Every iPhone applications developer here at Cloud Automations possesses a lot of talent and is capable of helping our clients build iPhone apps customized to our clients’ needs.

The iPhone application development has become a huge buzz to many of our new, old, and future clients that they began demanding it, thus giving us more experience and challenging our abilities.

Each iPhone application developer in our company has the knowledge and competence in to create an app in any category: business & sales, health care, social networking, game development, entertainment, education, weather,navigation, travel, lifestyle, and eBooks to name some.


  • Expertise in harnessing the power of iOS5 for app development
  • Dedicated teams of iPhone app developers and iPhone app development experts
  • Strategic expertise across the entire spectrum of iPhone app development services
  • Pool of iPhone app development consultants to partner your app development aspirations
  • Cutting-edge expertise in leveraging the iPhone SDK for state-of-the-art applications
  • Enviable portfolio consisting of rich interactive applications catering to the entertainment, business, gaming and other arenas

Specializing in custom iPhone app development, Cloud Automation possesses the right mix of skill and creativity to maximally utilize the tremendous potential of the Apple iPhone. Our iPhone app development services have garnered us a credible base of clients across the world and the list continues to grow. We provide native iPhone app development as well as iPhone web app development.


  • Mobile commerce
  • iPhone-compatible website development
  • Web application porting to iPhone
  • iPhone interfaces for enterprise-level applications
  • Social media applications for Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, etc.
  • GPS-enabled apps (location-based apps / games)
  • User Interface development of existing iPhone apps
  • Multimedia and other entertainment apps
  • Sports and sports-betting apps
  • Game and utility development
  • Combination of native and web apps to develop Hybrid iPhone apps


  • Skilled iPhone UI design team
  • Conformance to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
  • Awe-inspiring UI designs in the 320 x 480 pixel screen size limit
  • Themes, icons, graphics, and character designs

If you want to make your business grow and increase revenue generation by being able to reach a wide range of Smartphone users at a time, call us now and speak to an iPhone app developer from our team to learn more.