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Never before has a handheld device attracted more attention and never before has it started a trend which led to the amalgamation of technologies. Yes, we are talking about the Apple iPad, a path-breaking innovation that has changed the way the world perceived mobile computing and communication. Such has been its acceptance that it has made mobile device manufacturers clamber to develop tablets that attempt to match the demand for Apple’s handheld sensation. The demand for the Apple iPad is only matched by the demand for iPad app development. As every sector of the working world is now ported to computing devices and more so mobile computing devices, the race to develop applications for business, music, entertainment, lifestyle, navigation, education and many such sectors is heating up.

Cloud Automation has had the foresight to predict the booming demand for iPad apps and has cultivated a talented team of iPad app developers and iPad app development consultants to ensure that every demand for a new-age iPad app doesn’t go unanswered.


  • State-of-the-art expertise in iOS5 development
  • Cutting-edge skills in the entire spectrum of iPad app development
  • Expertise in custom iPad app development
  • Leading iPad app development company in Singapore
  • Updated technical knowledge about all iPad app development tools
  • Team of iPad app development consultants to guide your team in application development
  • A long list of satisfied clients vouching for our efficient iPad app development process and rapid development timeframes

Tonnes of experience in iPad app development for Windows and iPad web app development translate into invaluable technical expertise and confidence for Cloud Automation. We, at Cloud Automation are primed to deliver on all fronts of the outsourced iPad app development sector. Custom iPad app development is a niche skill that we pride ourselves on, as we stretch the limits of creativity and optimize apps that leverage the full potential of the Apple iPad.


  • Enterprise business solutions
  • iPad Games
  • Mobile commerce apps
  • Productivity and utility tools
  • Web app porting to iPad
  • iPhone app porting to iPad
  • Website development for iPad
  • Lifestyle and entertainment apps
  • Education and e-learning applications
  • Hybrid social networking apps
  • GPS & location-based apps

Another significant area of expertise for our iPad app development experts is UI design. Brimming with creativity, our team of iPad app developers concoct the right mix of creativity and usability for designing user interfaces that are not just visually amazing, but also simple and intuitive to use.


  • Stringent compatibility with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
  • Innovative iPad app UI design
  • Themes, icons, graphics, etc.
  • Character design for games

Trust Cloud Automation for all your iPad app development requirements as we have built extensive credibility through expertise, skills, experience, talent and ingenious creativity. Provide us an opportunity to develop a state-of-the-art iPad app for you and be assured that your decision to entrust us with your dream will always pay dividends.