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Android Phones & Tablets

The world of mobile computing and wireless technology was taken by storm by the inception of the Android operating system. Opening up never seen before vistas in the application development arena, Android has permeated and established itself in every broad-level and niche segment of the dynamic wireless market. Android application development has yielded many jewels which have transformed the face of the mobile application development segment.

With Cloud Automations, an Android app development company in Singapore, you can enjoy the beauty of both, Android and Java language (J2ME) – a combination that results into very smart yet easy to use mobile applications. For a smart generation with smart phones, smart mobile applications are a must. That is why hiring Android app development experts with in-depth knowledge of Android OS is extremely important. Cloud Automations has a pool of talented and well-equipped Android app developers, who can help you with advanced Android app development services which includes a complete knowledge of using all Android OS versions.

Our team of Android developers are committed to exploring every facet of the revolutionary mobile OS and leveraging its powerful open source framework to create state-of-the-art solutions for you. The Android marketplace is teeming with applications that cater to the entire range of user expectations right from casual enjoyment, serious business acumen to garnering high ROI. Android app developers at Cloud Automations keep abreast of the latest advancements in the technology to ensure that every solution that we suggest is best of the breed and uniquely customized to your needs.

Undertaking fixed-time fixed cost engagements, Cloud Automation also develops Android applications such as business / office applications, communication applications, multimedia applications, travel and lifestyle applications, etc. Android developers at Cloud Automation are also primed to design, develop, and deploy security applications, gaming applications, web-based and location-based applications, entertainment applications, utility applications and much more.


  • Sending and receiving data across mobile networks is fast and easy with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, EV-DO, GSM, EDGE, CDMA, and UMTS technologies&lt
  • Master your phones with brilliant features such as touch screen, video camera, accelerometer, GPS connectivity, and magnetometer&lt
  • Connect easily and economically with friends, family and colleagues with InterProcess communication (IPC) message passing and P2P using Google Talk
  • Connect easily and economically with friends, family and colleagues with InterProcess communication (IPC) message passing and P2P using Google Talk
  • Your device listens to you with Android – Command your device use voice typing for SMS and E-mails!
  • Experience the power of Near Filed Communication (NFC) – share contacts, web pages, You Tube videos with the Android Beam
  • Brilliant customization options with Android Customization with calendar, email feeds and Google+ posts
  • Manage and store data wisely with SQLite
  • 2D and 3D graphics comprehensive library with a huge library for audio and video files

Weave in the magic of Android with Cloud Automation’s Android app developers highly experienced in Android 4.0. With Android becoming so popular all over the world, what you need is the appropriate fit for your needs. Cloud Automation’s customized Android mobile app development will be a boon to your business and life. Our Android app development consultants will strive to transform your device into a smooth, easy, manageable and enjoyable companion.


  • Want to avail of the latest Android app development tools? Our Android app developers possess expertise in Android SDK and Framework APIs.
  • With the use of SQLite Database, QUME based emulator, Android Security architecture, Trace/View testing and Java Programming Language, our Android app development experts churn out the best applications for you.
  • Android gaming anyone? Our Android app development experts are well-versed with Eclipse, Java SE development, 3D graphics, Android eclipse plug-ins, reusing and replacing of components etc.
  • Through our customized wireless Android app development, a plethora of activities like sports results, tracking different services, music downloads etc. can be performed.
  • Our Android app development experts are skilled in NDK r3 which enables the functionality to use codes in languages like C and is an add-on to the actual Android SDK.

Develop powerful applications with Cloud Automations Software, and gain an extra edge with this tablet-friendly OS. Cloud Automations adheres to standard practices while developing the Android platform. The customer is the king for us; all our processes start with customers and end with them too. Contact us for Android development and all smart phone features like device fragmentation transparency, cloud to device messaging, screen orientation changes, and synchronization. We ensure complete satisfaction!