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Software Stack Development

We provide development, testing and integration services for entire Software Stack of embedded solution.

Our Embedded Software Development services brings exceptional quality and reliability to its customers, with more than a decade of experience in developing and deploying embedded solutions worldwide.

What is Embedded Software Stack ?

Embedded software stack is a complex mix of low-level, mid-level and high-level software components, specifically designed to optimize a particular task, running over an hardware that has reduced processing and memory to optimize cost. All components of the software are designed and tested to perform flawlessly for years without supervision and maintenance.

A typical Embedded Software stack comprises of following components

  • Low Level Software components include micro-controller codes, boot-loaders and FPGA designs
  • Mid Level Software components include middleware & firmware codes, kernel codes, component drivers and system scripts
  • High Level Software components include application logic, graphical user interfaces, network communication logic and solution specific algorithms

What we do ?

  • Design and Develop solution specific Software Stack
  • Test and Deploy solution and its components
  • Fix, Maintain and Update software components based on requirements
  • Deliver efficient and cost effective development, deployment, and maintenance services
  • Ensure exceptional reliability of solution and all of its components
  • Deliver Endless Perfection …