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Software Customization

We provide customization, alteration and  improvement services for entire Software Stack of an existing embedded solution.

Our Embedded Software Customization services brings exceptional quality, reliability and delivery speed to its customers, with more than a decade of experience in developing and customization of embedded solutions worldwide.

What is Embedded Software Customization ?

Embedded software stack is a complex mix of low-level, mid-level and high-level software components, which require frequent upgrades and customizations based on changing market requirements and technological advancements. Some components of the software have to be upgraded, while others might require replacement to keep up the technological edge provided by a specific embedded solution. It requires deep insight into existing solution and underlying hardware components, and have to be designed and tested to perform flawlessly for years without supervision and maintenance.

Typical Embedded Software Customization comprises of following components

  • Hardware Upgrade requires customization of software to allow software stack to operate on different set of hardware components
  • Software Upgrade require new software packages to be installed to increase the functionality of the solution
  • User Interface Upgrade require new or improved aesthetics and interactivity to be incorporated into an existing solution
  • External device support requires new drivers and integration packages to interface with the existing software stack

What we do ?

  • Design and Develop solution specific Customization requirement
  • Test and Deploy new solution components and its enhancements
  • Fix, Maintain and Update software components based on requirements
  • Ensure rapid learning and develpment curve on solutions developed by third party developers
  • Deliver efficient and cost effective development, deployment, and maintenance services
  • Ensure exceptional reliability of solution and all of its components
  • Deliver Endless Perfection …