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Track Forever™

Track Forever is a GSM/GPRS/GPS based Fleet & Asset Tracking solution that helps its users to track their vehicles, cargo and containers. Using this solution, one can administrate, monitor and communicate not only with vehicles (or assets) but you can also automate alert reporting to their owners or drivers. Most of the tasks are automated and require minimal human interaction.

Track Forever is well suited for organizations that want to start fleet tracking business, services or monitor & maintain their own fleets.

Salient Features

  • Government / Multinational Business Operations Capacity
  • Multiple Device Support
  • Multiple Database Support
  • Multi-platform GIS (Digital Maps) Integration
  • Role Based Approach
  • Scale As You Grow
  • Better Data Organization
  • Centralized Control Center
  • Less Staff & More Work
  • Automatic Alert Reporting
  • In-Built Mechanism to Identify & Fix Faulty Devices
  • Multi-Level Security Infrastructure
  • Ability to Operate with Minimal Interface
  • Location/Machine Independent GSM/SMS Gateways
  • Customized Branding For Your Customers Website
  • No Need to Remember Device Specific Commands
  • Consistent GUI & User Friendly Operations