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Cloud Automation
Direct Access Digital Signage

A revolutionary Digital-Signage that couples the extreme power of “Cloud Access Digital Signage” with built-in Server.

Salient Feature

  • Ideally suited to Shops, Small Businesses, Service centers and noticeboards
  • Based on extremely reliable and stirdy System-On-Chip Hardware, with no moving parts
  • Extremely low power (5W) operation
  • No requirement of separate Server and Data Warehouse
  • Admin-Page accessible using any Web-Browser over Local-Area-Network
  • Contents can be directly uploaded to Signage Device
  • User friendly administration Pages
  • Low cost
  • High Definition 1080P supported
  • Supports 1 video, 4 images and 2 marquess
  • Video Output : HDMI
  • Audio Output: Standard Stereo jack as well as Optical output