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Our Digital-Signage products provide extreme reliability coupled with easy to use user interface.

Built for Small to Large Scale Digital Out-Of-Home Network

What is ‘Digital-Signage’ ?

‘Digital-Signage’ is a broad term used to describe the use of digital screens, such as LCD & LED Displays and Projectors, to show marketing messages and advertisement. It is a unique and powerful communications medium that provides unparalleled opportunities to capture your audience’s attention, build brands, improve customer experience and drive sales. Unlike printed promotional material, digital-signage allows you to display eye-catching dynamic content and to change messages quickly and easily by time and location. It enables a One Time Investment to deliver marketing information for years to come.

Why is everyone talking about digital signage ?

  • Eye-catching impact of full motion video, graphics and sound making your messages stand out
  • Schedule messages by day, time and location – enabling precise targeting to defined audiences
  • Speedy and immediate message changes – no more waiting for new posters to be printed
  • Control exactly what is displayed where and when -globally
  • Rotate different messages within ‘playlists’ – say more to your audiences
  • Delivers improved marketing compliance – with playback reports for audit reporting

What We Offer ?

  • Scalable Digital-Signage solutions, ideally suited for entire range of consumers, i.e. end-customers as well as small, medium and large enterprises
  • Extreme Reliability
  • Easy to use User Interface
  • Browser friendly Web-Administration-Console eliminates requirement to install admin software
  • Web-Admin can be accessible from any web-browser on any Operating System, using any hardware i.e. PC, Laptop/Notebook, Tablets, Smart TVs and even handheld devices
  • Dedicated Hardware based on System-On-Chip (SOC) design provides carefree usage
  • Low Power overheads
  • Virus resistant design
  • Endless Perfection …