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cIdentity™ !!! Coming Soon !!!

Plug & Play Biometric Identity Registration & Verification Hardware, ideally suited for Fingerprint registration & authentication, Face registration & authentication, access restriction, verification, attendance and security.

Salient Features

  • Standalone deployable hardware, with wireless connectivity and internal backup power
  • Suitable for small, medium and large scale deployment
  • Tamper proof Capacitive Sensor technology
  • Employs Best-Selling fingerprint sensor technology in the world
  • FIPS certified sensor by US government (FBI and GSA)
  • High scanning DPI resolution ensures crisp precision
  • Large fingerprint sensor area ensures high detail
  • Ensures capturing of at-least 50 minutiae for registration and verification
  • Cost-effective, Thin, Durable, Low power, Temperature & Light resistant, with proven image quality
  • Reliable and Sturdy hardware
  • Secure and configurable software
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Application specific registration Server and verification Databases
  • On Demand compatibility with 3rd party Servers

Made to Order hardware available on demand