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Sim Guard™

SimGuard™ is a GSM technology based home security system that enables its consumers to be notified through SMS alerts regarding unauthorized events and illegal access to home, office, store, cabinets etc. It can also play a siren and turn lights on in case of any motion detection or illegal security breach. Moreover, users can call on site where SimGuard™ is deployed to hear any ongoing activity from deployment site.

SimGuard™ provides protection and immediate reporting means via SMS alerts against doors, windows and also safe guard your corridors with the help of motion sensors. However, it can also be used with file cabinets, cash boxes and the similar secure vessels to get SMS notifications when these are accessed or opened. It also comes with a panic button that when pressed send SMS to a pre-specified number for help.

Salient Features

  • Provides protection mechanism in term of SMS notifications against illegal access of doors and windows in armed mode
  • Protect your corridors with the help of motion sensors
  • Send SMS alerts when somebody walk in the door or passes through the corridor in armed mode
  • Play siren and turn lights on automatically or manually in case of illegal security breach
  • Available panic button to send emergency help SMS to a specific cell number
  • Security reports can be collected by simply sending a text message SimGuard™
  • Send Periodic reports after a certain time period if you’re more curious about the status of your valuable assets
  • Make phone call to your SimGuard™ through your cell phone to listen any ongoing activity at site
  • Enable or disable calling to avoid illegal access to your SimGuard™
  • Updated with the power (electricity) status, delivers SMS notification in case of power failure and restoration
  • Backup battery with power backup of many hours
  • Enabled Auto-ARM mode will automatically activate security after 1 minute when all doors are closed
  • Can turn on or off emergency siren remotely
  • Can turn light on or off remotely
  • Enable or disable security through SMS commands
  • Can send alerts to 2 cell numbers, to be used as primary and backup