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Home Automation and Security

Our Automation and Security solutions provide customers with peace of mind, with ease.

Built for Homes and Small Offices.

What is Home Security Solution ?

Home security is becoming an essential requirement for homes whose occupants stay outside on jobs and weekends. It ensures that once the house is locked, any breach in doors and windows is reported to the owner automatically so proper action can be taken without any loss of valuables. It ensure that the occupant have peace of mind in their activities while away from home on business or on holidays.

What is Home Automation Solution ?

Home automation provides occupants with finger-tip access to entire house-hold equipment. Typically the solution provides centralized control of house-hold equipment compromises of lights, fans, heating, cooling, appliances, security locks, and multimedia appliances to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. User can also configure different themes for different occasions, and schedule different behavior of equipment to manage necessity as well as aesthetics.

What we offer ?

  • Plug and Play solutions
  • Simple & elegant designs
  • Aesthetic and user friendly user interface
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Dynamic range of compliant appliances
  • Easy configuration and installation
  •  Backup and Recovery modes
  • Intelligent handling in case of power loss
  • Wireless protocols
  • Endless Perfection …